{music} 動畫-Bubble- King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

這首歌是NPR music(美國廣播節目)的主持人大力推薦,他說這首歌說明了人生的一些意義。It’s a look and a study, in song and in sound, of life in a small Scottish town. It doesn’t romanticize it — it paints sort of hard pictures of what life is like there and what people think. — Bob Boilen

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

Bubble from Elliot Dear on Vimeo.

這個動畫是一隻黑色的狗優遊在水中,恰似在路地上,恰似夢幻中的場景,自在的玩耍。 這個短片讓我想起我剛過世的狗,寄情於景就是這樣囉。

I won’t let you fall, as low as I been
I promise to crawl until I’m back on my feet
If something went wrong, just think of me
If something went wrong, don’t you know I’d be here

So who’s been unfair, Who causes you sorrow?
And who’s been unkind, Who burst you bubble?
And who drags you down, down, down, down?
Who handed out lights?
And now I’m in trouble


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